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Interdisciplinary artist who makes paintings, murals, sculptures, installations, and public art projects. Some recent work includes a series of murals in Rauma, Finland, using lace-making as a metaphor for language and connection, a public sculpture made from plastic waste in Madison, WI, a series of paintings about women coffee farmers in Colombia, outdoor sculptures in rural Portugal made from recycled plastic, and a series of paintings about workers in Massachusetts fighting for labor rights. Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master’s in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts (University of the Arts London). 

Thank you to the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for its support during 2022-2023.


Shape of the Environment Poster Square copy (1).jpg

The Shape of the Environment. (Curatorial Project). On view at the Art Lit Lab, Madison, WI. Aug. 23 - Nov. 4. Read more here.

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Quilt. 7.5 x 4 x 3 feet. Made in 2021. On view at City Hall Path, ArtAround Roswell, Roswell, Georgia.


In a quilt many different parts, each with its own story, come together to form a complex system, much like how we are all intricately connected to each other and to the natural environment. If one part of the quilt is removed, the pattern becomes unbalanced. Each section, or quilt block, in the sculpture is unique, varying in depth, pattern, and color, but combined the quilt becomes even more unusual and special.

Quilting is a traditional practice that can be found throughout the world, in textile form and also in other formats such as painted on barn exteriors throughout the midwest of the US. Handmade patchwork quilts are strongly linked to ideas surrounding warmth, memory, home, and the cycle of life. Quilts are also symbolic of creativity through resourcefulness as pieces of the quilt are often made from scraps of no longer useful fabrics or clothes. This sculpture, for example, is made from wood, a lot of which was repurposed from the support frame of a previous sculpture, and cut at different lengths and depths to form an interlocking arrangement.



Following the Thread. Series of public murals in Rauma, Finland. Thank you to RaumArs and Finlandia Foundation for supporting this project.


Interview for Artdose Magazine, Sept. 23, 2022.

By Frank Juárez. "Curating an exhibition takes months of planning. But do we ever wonder how ideas are born? What inspires one to develop a concept that can be interpreted in multiple ways and yet deliver a strong message? How does the journey begin? 

I sat down with artist & curator, Lelia Byron, virtually to discuss the current exhibition, The Shape of the Environment, for which she is the curator. After a few minutes of getting to know each other, we dove right in..."

Read the article here.


Interview for WORT 89.9FM, Sept. 22, 2022.

Perpetual Notion Machine is a look at contemporary scientific issues and discoveries in a way that is accessible, understandable and entertaining to the non-scientists of the listening community. 

Listen to recorded audio below:

WORTFM Interview with Lelia Byron
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Article in Länsi Suomi, July 24, 2022.

"Pitsi elää Raumalla nyt myös seinäpinnoissa – Lelia Byronin muraaleissa nypläävät eri-ikäiset raumalaiset.

Lelia Byron kuvaa raumalaista pitsiperinnettä muraaleihin. Kesän Raumalla viettänyt taiteilija toteuttaa residenssisnä aikana kaksi seinämaalausta. Taustalla näkyvän sähkömuuntajan hän maalaa kauttaaltaan. Kuva: Jussi Hietikko

– Huomenta, huikkaa koiransa kanssa ohikävelevä Hannu Haapanen kuvataiteilija Lelia Byronille..."

Read the article here.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 2.00.29 PM.png

Interview in Overture Center for the Arts Blog, July, 2022

"Seven dramatic paintings on display in Overture’s Gallery I draw you into the dreams of artist Lelia Byron. You’ll sense Byron’s feelings of loss and isolation along with hope and wonder, emotions experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic..." Read the full article here.


Article about a series of murals currently in progress in Rauma, Finland. Read here.

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1. Exploration at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Exploration is one of the best words to describe my time at Banff. From the long walks through forests, lakes, and mountains, to my many experiments with papermaking and ceramics, to learning about the work of the other writers, composers, musicians, and artists at the residency, every activity and project I embarked on during this time involved venturing into unknown terrain, ascending steep paths, and amassing concentration so as not to lose balance during cold and silent days. Read more.

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"1) What fuels your creative expression? And how do you practice self-care as an artist?

I’ve always been really passionate about the making process and the potential for an artist to create something interesting from simple materials in a way that is almost magical. I think no matter whether I am making a painting or a sculpture, the making process is always a very intense and time-consuming as I am putting layer upon layer—building up piece by piece—until something begins to emerge that is saturated and detailed..." read more

Lelia Byron Explores Dream Imagery in _Blue Psyche_ _ Create! Magazine.jpg

"Dreams are a lot like locked rooms where you can exist with your own intimate self and thoughts. If you lock the door yourself, you are in control of the dream, but if someone else locks it, the dream can become a nightmare. In the exhibition Blue Psyche, artist Lelia Byron creates a series of paintings based on remembered fragments and written records of her own dreams. Why do some dreams keep recurring, and who is locking the door?..." read more

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