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QUILT (2022)

Wood and paint, 8.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 feet, Rochester, NY.


On view at the Rochester Institute of Technology as part of the Anna Ballarian Visiting Artist Series.


QUILT (2021)

Wood and paint, 7.5 x 4 x 3 feet, Green Bay, Wisconsin.


In a quilt many different parts, each with its own story, come together to form a complex system, much like how we are all intricately connected to each other and to the natural environment. If one part of the quilt is removed, the pattern becomes unbalanced. In this sculpture, each square section or quilt block is unique, varying in depth, pattern, and color, but combined the larger quilt pattern becomes even more unique.



Quilting is a traditional practice that can be found throughout the world, in textile form and also in other formats such as painted on barn exteriors throughout the US. Handmade patchwork quilts are strongly linked to ideas surrounding warmth, memory, home, and the cycle of life. Quilts are also symbolic of creativity through resourcefulness as pieces of the quilt are often made from scraps of no longer useful fabrics or clothes. In this sculpture, for example, Quilt is made in part from wood that was repurposed from the support frame of a previous sculpture, and cut at different lengths and depths to form an interlocking arrangement.




Misc. plastic waste, 7 x 60 x 4 feet, Madison, Wisconsin.


Made out of different types of plastic waste such as used plastic bags and discarded synthetic fabrics, Plastic Waters illustrates plastic’s contribution to climate change represented by rising water levels. This sculpture was made for Winter is Alive! a citywide art event in Madison, Wisconsin, addressing climate change.