Filet Art Project Space London, UK

WASTELAND 1.0 is a collaborative installation by Wastelanders Artist Collective: Ka Ian Hoi, Rita Castanheira, Yao Yao Yu, Lelia Byron, Pui Pui Ip, and Xiaojing Li. Wastelanders Artist Collective is a group of international artists who together make collaborative site-specific installations related to the theme of “waste.”


"Fragile, more fragile." - Yao Yao Yu


"Cut forest down. Build up, up, up. No more bird homes. Old bird news. Better, juicy bird news. Build birds new plastic homes." - Lelia Byron

"After the storm, she arose from the digital debris dressed in plastic webs which covered the sand

on her feet." - Rita Castanheira


"Plastic bag lived hard, plastic bag is useful, plastic bag is complicated, plastic bag sparks joy, be like plastic bag." - Ka Ian Hoi

"The fashion weather is sick. 

We extract, produce, consume, discard.

Keep looping……


Can you make tomorrow a better day?" - Pui Pui Ip